166911_318921524792158_1983329876_nYou will find stray dogs all over Jarabacoa. They have no owners, no home, no place to rest their weary heads. They sleep anywhere and do not listen to anyone. Sometimes they are hit by cars or die of other diseases. They’re used to having stones thrown at them and being told to “bshhhhhht” and other much ruder things.

As it were, they live like dogs.

But alike humans, there are those that are smart and those that are just… not so smart. In Jarabacoa there is one that managed to find a way to take advantage of humans – more specifically Americans – and who proved to be smarter than most. He is known as Job. In fact, he is so well known that he even has his own Facebook page.

Can Flipper

65609_584387131578928_94806682_nMost Jarabacoa residents would rarely give a ‘Viralata’ — meaning mutt or crossbreed (literally: can-flipper) — a second look. But foreigners are different. One reason why dogs are almost ‘sacred’ to Americans and other foreginers is because having a dog in Europe or the United States is something special. It costs a lot of money and many become like family members. In addition, they have to pay taxes for them, and in countries like Germany each must be registered with the government. There are dog owner clubs and organizations that collect millions of dollars just for the care of homeless dogs. It pains to say, but in many countries dogs eat better than many people around here.

With this ‘respect’ that is given to dogs in foreign countries, it is clear that when foreigners come here and see a stray dog or puppy, they are struck by pity. And you know what? Dogs realize that.

That’s how it was with the dog now known as ‘Job.’ Knowing that foreigners would treat him well, one day he walked up to a young man named Alex.

184411_10151138226216470_2054219497_nAlex is a California artist of Mexican-Philippine-Irish ancestry — like many Americans, a crossbreed in his own right. The two hit it off at once. Job followed Alex home, who in turn gave him food and respect. Alex didn’t lock him up and so Job could come and go as he pleased or whenever he got hungry. Alex soon made it his goal to care for this dog and gave him the name ‘Job’ inspired by the biblical character.

“He’s like a work of art,” explains Alex. ”A living artwork. I saw the potential a friendly animal like he had and decided to make him iconic. “

Job followed Alex to these meetings at the local Kingdom Hall, the meeting place of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There he met other Witnesses who immediately accepted him. Job remembered this source of kindness and started to show up every day at this precise hour at the hall, with or without Alex. The Witnesses accepted him as one of their own. He was always greeted with hugs and accompanied them in their preaching work. They took him along when they went to distant territories and some invite him to their homes for lunch or dinner.

A Preaching Dog

387458_329447243739586_1110729059_nJob soon could recognize all of the Jarabacoa Jehovah’s Witnesses. Do they have a unique scent? In any case Job defended the Witnesses twice. In one case a girl returned home late at night in the company of Job. When she was about to be assaulted, Job attacked the assailant. On another occasion when he stayed the night in the garden of a Witness family, he sent a few robbers running.

Other non-Witnesses also realized that there was something unusual about this dog. One day when Job followed a group of Witnesses through the park, one man shouted, “Hey, did you convert that dog too?! I always see him with the Witnesses!“

Recently someone tried to poison Job. The Witnesses took care of him, paid for the vet and his medicine. Job recovered at the home of a Witness family. Interestingly, the same love that Witnesses display for their fellow brothers and sisters they also display for other of God’s creations, be they human or animal. After taking a few days to recover, Job was back in service at 8:45.

Perhaps one day you will spot him in the streets of Jarabacoa. Do us a favor… don’t hit him.

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